Treatment Fees

At Ilkley Dental Care Limited we will outline to you the likely cost of any course of treatment, which we prescribe.

Good value is as important in dentistry as in any other field and fees reflect the standard of treatment offered. The cost of the procedures are always supplied in advance and fees are discussed with you at your appointment to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Guideline Fees

Routine Examination start from £33.00
Hygiene Treatment start from £45.00
Fillings start from £63.00
Cosmetic Fillings start from £79.00
Root Fillings start from £194.50

Initial New Patient Examination
Where appropriate this includes diagnostic x-rays
(Full price £108.00)

Currently FOC* terms & conditions apply
New Patient Emergency Appointment start from £58.00
Crowns start from £420.00
Bridges start from £446.50
Veneers start from £535.50
Extractions start from £63.00
Full Dentures start from £627.00
Teeth Straightening  
Invisalign start from £2,940.00
Quick-Straight-Teeth start from £1,200.00
Home Whitening Kits start from £162.25
Please note that although the prices above are a guideline, individual treatment costs may vary. For instance 2 fillings which can be done at the same time will be cheaper than 2 fillings which require separate visits.
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